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At The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres in Darnley, we have the latest in wheel alignment equipment and highly trained staff to check how your wheels are aligned


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Vehicle wheels being checked - Wheel Alignment Darnley

If you think that your tyres are suffering from excessive or uneven wear, or that your steering is pulling to one side, then it is possible that your wheel alignment is out. Potholes and uneven road surfaces can affect your wheel alignment causing unnecessary tyre wear and therefore costing you extra money.

If you think that your wheel alignment may be affected book a wheel alignment check now using our online booking system and have your wheels checked at The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres in Darnley, our latest equipment we may be able to save you money and improve your cars handling.

If you have any questions or queries about tyres and wheel alignment services please contact The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres in Darnley on 0141 881 1234 or complete our contact form.

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