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Do you have warning lights showing on your dashboard? Then come to The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres in Darnley for a car diagnostics check to identify the problem before it becomes more serious.


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Technician checking a vehicle using diagnostic equipment - Car Diagnostics Darnley

Today's modern vehicles contain a number on-board computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the vehicles performance. There are sensors placed all around the vehicle monitoring things like tyre pressures, fuel usage, emissions and many other items. Theses report back to the ECU if there are problems such as low tyre pressure, increased engine temperature or drive train issues. When a problem is identified the ECU generates an error code and the relevant dashboard warning light or message will be displayed.

There are numerous potential error codes that can be generated and these can only be read by specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment. At The TyreWarehouse in Darnley we have invested heavily in the latest vehicle diagnostics equipment so that our fully-trained technicians interpret the error codes and rectify the problem.

So if dashboard warning light or error message appears on your dashboard call in At The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres and let us diagnose the issue for you.

If you have any questions or queries about our vehicle diagnostic services please contact The TyreWarehouse Autocare Centres in Darnley on 0141 881 1234 or complete our contact form.

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